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Episode Lucky #13 

Firefighters in Fire Trucks getting Ice Cream

Published on July 11, 2020

In this special episode of Firefighters in Fire Trucks getting Ice Cream we will be cruising in a 1973 American LaFrance up to Pioneertown where my crew was trapped in a garage during the Sawtooth wildland fire that burned over 60,000 acres, destroyed over 50 homes, injured multiple firefighters and civilians and fatally burned one of the residents. This was filmed on the 13th anniversary of the fire which occurred on July 11, 2006.


Riding along with me will be my friend John Price. He is the local area advocate for the Everyone Goes Home Program through the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. John and I spend some time having a discussion about this program and risk management in the fire service along the way. We eventually arrive at Pappy and Harriet’s which is a local watering hole in the middle of the desert and pick up another guest which was one of my crew members during the entrapment. Our additional seat in the cab is taken up by Scott Pilon and we drive down to the burn over site while we review our actions and how it all played out.


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