Dave Emanuel - Part 1

Do your best, work hard

and make us proud

In this episode I will be hanging out with my good friend Dave Emanuel. Dave is the Fire Chief of Durham New Hampshire and speaks all over the country about firehouse bullying and leadership. In part 1 we will be discussing credentialing for your fire department and data collection. He can also play the Harmonica and the Trumpet. He is a blast to hang out with and great to go get ice cream with. He is so funny that this episode might get me in trouble with Jerry.

Dave Emanuel - Part 2

Putting our bow ties on the kitchen table


In part 2 of the Dave Emanuel episode we will be taking a tour of Red Helmet Training, my training facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Dave will then be taking off his bow tie and we will be getting down to business talking about firehouse bullying. We also talked him into  playing a little tune on the Harmonica during the credits..