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Billy Goldfeder

Part 1 - It's a Secret

In this episode of Firefighters in Fire Trucks getting Ice Cream we will be hanging out with Billy G in Atlanta while teaching at FRI. We are cruising to Sweet Stack Creamery in a fire engine painted in bubble gum pink. The fire engine is one of the fleet of rigs throughout the country from Pink Heals.


We will be discussing firefighter close calls, line of duty deaths, speaking up and getting through your career.

Firefighters in Fire Trucks getting Ice Cream - Goldfeder (Part 1) It's a secret
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Part 2 - Enough Fire for Everybody

In part 2 of the Goldfeder episode we sit down at Sweet Stack Creamery and have a discussion about the IAFC Health and Safety Section, The 16 Life Safety Initiatives, Firefighter Mental Health, The buddy to boss transition and sizing up your employees. This is all done over some activated charcoal ice cream on an upside down spoon to not get in the Billy G stache.

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