Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Van Dorpe 1

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

In this episode we will be hanging out with Pete Van Dorpe. Pete is the current Fire Chief of Algonquin-Lake in the Hills FPD and retired from the Chicago Fire Department as the Director of Training.

He is a Director at Large for the ISFSI and on the Advisory Board for the Underwriters Labratory Firefighter Safety Research Institute.

Pete Van Dorpe - Part 2

We were going to run

out of air and die

In part 2 of our pilot episode of Firefighters in Fire Trucks getting Ice Cream we will once again be hanging out with Chief Pete Van Dorpe. Pete will be discussing his 33 years with the Chicago Fire Department, time spent on the job with his Dad and one of his most memorable fires. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Part 2